There must be order

Digital photography, polaroids and family archive
[2013 – 2014]

«There must be order» is a little known quote by Boris Vian (1920-1959), a well-known French novelist, poet, playwright and musician who died in 1959, the same year both of my parents were born. My parents got married on the 20th of March 1982 at the age of twenty-three, just few months after they met for the first time. Seven years would still have to pass until the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia would come to its end in 1989 and during that time my two siblings and I were born. Vian’s quote printed on my parent’s wedding invitation card was a joke that (almost) everybody could get but somehow their private one as well. Once I was old enough to understand the former circumstances of the world in which my parents grew up and got married, for me, the quote became one of the ultimate signs of the complicity my parents had back then.

As a middle class family with three children we couldn’t afford to go to restaurants on a regular basis although we did maintain a golden rule of having our family lunch out every 20th of March. My family kept this tradition for 29 years, after which my parents got divorced. Their separation came unexpectedly and felt like a great loss for a long time. Little or no «order» was present in our relationships as the five of us struggled to engage with the new family pattern we had to embrace. Today, almost a decade later, when the 20th of March comes around, surprisingly, I barely remember that it is the day my parents got married four decades earlier, a day on which, for three of those decades, we would go out to celebrate. On the other hand, every time I hear the name of Boris Vian, in whatever context it may be, I always think of my mom and dad and their common «rebellion» printed in form of an anti regime quote on their wedding invitation.

«There must be order» is a project reflecting on the relationship between parents and their children once the children can no longer be seen as such by anyone but their own parents.

This project was part of a group exhibition of Amanda Frías, Xènia Fuentes, Fanny Lichtenstein and myself at Centre Cultural La Farinera del Clot in Barcelona from 11th to 31st of December 2014. My installation was composed of fourteen photographs of various sizes on Hahnemühle matt fibre art paper, a handwritten letter, a 4,5x7x3 cms stone and twenty vintage photographs (family archive) of various sizes inside a 59,5×59,5×20,5 cms gloss display cabinet. A catalogue of the exhibition was published in the edition of 100 copies.