I’m a 36-year old Slovak photographer based in Spain since 2008. In my practice, I focus on developing a body of work related to the issues of memory, time and sentimental journeys in natural or semi-urban settings. My curiosity and eagerness to learn new things are the main engines in every project I start. I enjoy all stages of my work equally: the emerging intrigue about a particular topic, the research and gathering of information, the fieldwork and the subsequent task of editing and sharing my visions with others. Since I prefer to work with analogue photography over digital, my projects usually require a long period of time to evolve and be articulated.

For me, to be a storyteller means to commit to investigation and try to portray subjects that matter. A lifelong research of visual, written and acoustic artwork created by others is essential in my work. It is vital to continuously nurture our interest in history and engage with the ongoing reality of the world around us both through observation and action.

On a personal and artistic level I benefit from my previous professional experience in translation, foreign language teaching, and commercial photography assistance as well as from my current endeavour as a project manager in the field of Photography & Art book publishing through which I connect with the stories of others.