Secret about a Secret

Digital photography and family archive
[1925 – 2012]

The Belgian poetess and philosopher Chantal Maillard (Brussels, 1951) claims in her collection of essays «In the Tracing. Small poetic Zoology» (Barcelona: CCCB, 2008) that «To see is to recognize».

When I read Maillard’s statement for the first time, I connected to it immediately on many levels, particularly as a visual storyteller, daughter and granddaughter interested in the issues of memory, time and family archive. In that matter, «Secret about a Secret» is an exploration of what I recognize when I see. What do I see or look at? Well, sometimes it may be hard to tell or «recognize». It can be a tiny button on a child’s dress, an empty bottle of wine on a nearby table, a lost stocking lying on the sidewalk similar to those my mom has been wearing for ages, the pattern of the cloth used on old-fashioned furniture or just the palm of my own hand filled with sand slipping through my fingers.