Polaroids taken with Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera
[2013 – ongoing]

I started to take polaroid pictures of my friends as photography student in 2013. At the beginning my only goal was to gather a collection of portraits of the people around me. Quickly I realized that I wanted my family and favorite places to be in the collection as well. The fact that this is an expensive technique to be used on a regular basis obliged me to think and prepare in advance every new picture I’d take. I would plan every detail present in the image focusing on the quality of the light, the setting and the atmosphere during the shoot in which I’d usually only take one or two pictures. I would photograph exclusively the people I like, admire or have a special bond to. Behind every picture there’s a story that stays both in my memory and as a 8,8×10,7 cm polaroid image in my archive.

In 2014 I created a series «Don’t call home!» (six polaroids mounted on passepartout and framed in nogal wood of 30×21 cm) for the group exhibition «Barcelona mira en negre» at Valid Foto BCN Gallery as part of the Festival BCNegra focused on the Black Novel as a literary genre. This series is a free interpretation of a homonymous novel written by the Catalan novelist Carlos Zanón (Barcelona, 1966). The exhibition lasted from 29th of January to the 8th of March 2014.

The installation «Me-You-Us-They» composed of sixty-five polaroids placed on a 200×60 cm vintage wooden table was exhibited at the international analog photography Festival Revela-T in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona) in May 2014.