In the Garden

Analogue photography and polaroids
[2018 – ongoing]

«In the Garden» is an ongoing photo series on European botanical gardens depicted as unique settings providing us with the opportunity for discovery and contemplation of a large variety of flora in a short period of time. In this series I reflect on the need of city dwellers to experience and relate to an idealized form of nature within an environment historically defined and delimited by them and their habitat.

The text «Botanical Camera» accompanying a forthcoming exhibition of this series in Madrid, written by the novelist and lecturer Santiago Beruete (Pamplona, 1961), can be downloaded here.

A selection of fifteen photographs from this series, in the limited edition of five signed and numbered copies each printed on Hahnemühle Photorag Baryta 315 gm paper mounted on 16×20 cm wood chipboard, has been available for sale at Planthae-El Gabinete Botánico store in Madrid since February 2019.

If you want to hear what a botanical garden can sound like, click here.