Digital photography
[2015 – 2019]

«Experiences» explores how images are perceived; challenges the viewer in the immediate interpretation of his or her emotions. Each photograph is a visual explanation of an experience, a remembrance whose contours are sometimes blurred. To capture the essence of what is witnessed is the ultimate effort to immortalize the atmosphere by which that moment was determined. Our daily routine includes hundreds if not thousands of seemingly insignificant moments from which it is possible to withdraw valuable information. It can be our fixation on the texture of an object we stumble across, the perception of nature filtered through some of our senses or the discovery of something that refers us to a different phenomenon we’ve already seen or experienced. The color temperature establishes an interpretation based on intuition and perception of all the sensations between warm and cold, familiar and unknown, appealing or empty in meaning. When the experience and the imagination create a new meaning, our emotions come into balance.

The present series of images is a visual diary, an almanac of past and future memories that reverberate in our mind in the form of images, not words.

«Experiences» was exhibited with the support of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Madrid at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (Barcelona, 2016), Casa del Reloj (Madrid, 2016), CICUS (Seville, 2017), La Bolsa (Bilbao, 2017) and Museo do Pobo Galego (Santiago de Compostela, 2019).

Plano Lea_ Casa de Reloj_Madrid